Hello and Welcome

Hello everyone,

So I don’t know how I go about this, but I might as well start with introducing myself… My friends have given me the nickname LBP…

Reflecting back on my schooldays, I enjoyed writing and reading. I suppose in 2017 (where we were all so open) …everyone is near not afraid to publicly speak about their interests in life – so here are mine. Back in summer 2013, I actually created this ‘ellebeepee’ domain but bailed at using it, in fear of ‘what if someone reads this and knows who I am!’

In March, I attended a conference. What inspired me to write, and I guess share my photos of food, was a food photography module/lecture/chat that I participated in. As I presume many are like me: Do you take photos of each dish that lands on your table in a restaurant? Do you ask the other person to WAIT to eat so that you can take a picture of the food presentation? Or even if I make something – I’ll take an aesthetic picture of it/them to make whatever is in the picture look delicious in some way, then save it for later to upload to Instagram after deciding which angle looks best. With the addition of filters, photoshopping, excellent cameras and camera phones, there’s a multitude of different things that you can do to a photo. Obviously this has pro’s and cons (like everything)!

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 11.05.46

I’m sure as time goes on I’ll have a bit more to talk about… If anyone’s actually interested in or cares…what I’m eating or what I’ve to say about things (I’m not too sure what these ‘things’ are just yet – time shall tell!)…


3 thoughts on “Hello and Welcome

  1. Marina says:

    Hi are you Laura P? If so
    I love the dress you have on in the Primania section of Primsrk/Penny’s website.
    I want to know where did you get the red belt????

    Liked by 1 person

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