Dubrovnik – An UNESCO heritage site

The ‘summer holiday’ is always the highlight of my year –booking flights and the excitement building up the weeks ahead of departure brings me so much happiness! The feeling of going to the airport on an empty stomach for that airport breakfast…! This summer, I travelled to four different places in ten days. Dubrovnik, Podgorica, Kotor and Budva.

We stayed in beautiful Dubrovnik for four days. This was Steven’s third time here so he acted as tour guide and a pocket historian. We rented a car from NOVA rent-a-car at the airport (with a fancy update to a ‘smart car’ from a Ford Fiesta 😉 …). We stayed close to Lapad Bay with the number 4 or 6 bus coming frequently enough to bring us into town – about a 6 minute drive with traffic. Our accommodation was cosy with a balcony – this was particularly handy as we could sit outside privately with a glass of wine. Coming home at night was perfect, if we were to use the taxi service itcost less than €10. We stayed in an Air B&B after hearing raving reviews about it, but we concluded that it’s nice to have the luxury of a hotel whilst away from home so maybe not again!


Our four door smart car

On our first day we walked the Walls of Dubrovnik – the views were out of this world with areas showing evidence of the Croatian War of Independence. It was unbelievable to think how short a time ago there was war in Europe – 1991. The further you walk around the walls, the higher to the top you got – which comes hand in hand with looking down at the scenery. There are two entrances to the walls, the main one being at Pile Gate which there was little to no queue. It cost about €20 each when we looked at the exchange rate from Kunes. Dubrovnik gets very hot between 12-2pm so it’s probably best to walk the walls early in the morning or in the late afternoon. We stupidly didn’t take our own advice and went at 12pm. Luckily there were plenty of cafés to stop at along the way with good beers and gelato.


We had lunch at the Panorama Bar and Restaurant on our second day where we were surprised to find the prices of food and drink to be the same as down below in the walled city. In saying that, this was our best meal in Dubrovnik at this point. To avoid waiting in the long queue for the cable car we drove up in our air-conditioned smart car, stopping at viewpoints to take pictures of the scenery. On the way up, we could see evidence of the bombings with old ruined walls covered in graffiti. There was a museum next to the restaurant that cost 30 Kunes to walk around, it took about 30 minutes in total. If you look at the pictures you can see Lokrum island in the distance. This is probably the most scenic meal I may ever have.

Lokrum Island was a visit we were unsure about, but we have no regrets. This is definitely a must do for anyone who enjoys nature and wildlife (and Game of Thrones!). There were peacocks at every corner you turn! I found that there was a lot to do for every age group – activities include eating (cafés and restaurants), visiting a nudist beach, a dead sea, canoeing, playgrounds, sun loungers, long walkways, Game of Thrones castles and forts, and more. The boat cost €20 each for a return ticket with boats going every 30 minutes from Dubrovnik Marina. No advanced booking is required. The island also has free wifi everywhere.

On the last night in Dubrovnik we walked the steps of shame of the Game of Thrones, had a look at the castle that features in the film, and sat to watch the sunset at the Buza Bar. The colours of the sky were beautiful and changing at such a fast pace. They only serve alcohol here and no food, so we waited until after a few glasses of wine to head on to get dinner. If anything, I wouldn’t leave Dubrovnik without visiting here whether it’s during the day to go for a swim/kayak, to watch the sun set, or to have a drink under the stars.


Unfortunately during our stay in Dubrovnik the both of us were unwell, so the food was not enjoyed as best it could’ve been.

Other recommendations on what to do/where to eat in Dubrovnik:

  • Azur Restaurant – if you’re into Asian-style food. Located close to Buza Bar
  • Anywhere in the area parallel to the Stradun in the Old Town. The Great Gatsby Restaurant & Wine Bar – excellent
  • Atlantic Restaurant (can’t remember the exact name – but the fish was excellent). This was up on a side road close to Lapad Bay.
  • Watersports – located at the coast of the old walled town beside the Game of Thrones castle at Pile Bridge.
  • The gelateria just passed the water fountains inside Pile Gate – on the left hand side (great waiter in there who speaks better Gaeilge than myself!).
  • The wine tasting bar with mini tapas – Razonoda Wine and Tapas bar



Hope you enjoyed this and will take some recommendations from it!

This pink dress above is from folkster…you can shop it HERE in a few different colours 🙂 however, I’m almost sure blush pink is sold out.

All photos above are my own 🙂

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