Linwoods Hemp Protein+

I attended the launch of the new Linwoods Hemp Protein+ with my fellow food lover Jen O’Leary (best known as @jennysmunch on instagram – give her a follow!) in Two Fifty Square Café in Rathmines. We also met our friend Georgia Hickey from Georgia’s Fit Life – her Instagram account is here. Follow her for informative pieces about food and nutrition!



On arrival we were shown the four different flavour popsicles to choose from to ‘make your custom pop!’ with four simple steps as shown above:

  1. Pick it
  2. Dip it
  3. Sprinkle it
  4. Gram it

The most obvious choice for me was the ferrero!

The dipping and sprinkling station…. (I wanted a bit of all really!)


I added chocolate and almond butter, then sprinkled some raspberry dust for some colour for step number four – gram it 😉 I picked the purple and blue booth for this popsicle! #naturesprotein


Food blogger Eva Burg from The Healthy Tart was there to show us her special recipe using coconut cream. She provided an interesting ten minute demonstration showing us how to re-make the popsicle when we go home with our hemp protein+ pouch given to us from Linwoods. The recipes are in the circled images above – I will most certainly be trying these out at work, at home also. They’re a great post-workout snack, with all of the macros present with the toppings depending on individual choice!

The three different pouches of Hemp Protein+ are retailing at €19.99, and you can purchase them from Linwoods Health Foods directly here. Follow their Instagram page for frequent updates.


Thanks to Jenny for bringing me, and to Linwoods Health Foods for having us! Xx


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